Spoken Word: Go Then

To tell you the truth,

you’d only be doing me a huge favor….

If you don’t love me,

that’s cool.

There will be someone else.

You don’t need my permission to leave.

You could take a deep breathe,

digest and delete


no more we shouldn’t speak.

No more memories of late night “spats”

of us naming kittens because you was smitten

with “Brooklyn” and “Victoria”.

You not leaving me hurt..

..you just making the next one work…

jus a lil bit harder

educated and mature

on some, “when I die I couldn’t have done any more.”

you know why?

she didn’t quit….

To tell you the truth

you doing me a favor…

You telling me that when the going gets rough

you not tough!

I dont want my daughter with your disorder

of not being able to comprehend goals

and disciplines that help her defend

to any end or threat,

if my mom was alive,

i would have lost a bet,

they don’t make Betty, Carla’s and Freda’s

no more…….