Fall of Sixteen: Day 90

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11 Observations (3-28-16)

11 observations
from the week of March 28th, 2016

1. Love doesn’t come with insurances. There is no way to tell if what he/she is telling you is true. All you have to go on are their actions, because they do speak louder than words..
2. Don’t be scared.
3. Get to know the word process…
4. When people can walk out of your life… let them go. It just means peoples part of your story is over. You have to know when it’s over…
5. Nothing just happens..
6.My name is pronounced, (boy-muh) the “g” is silent…
7. Some things we just not ready for…
8.Image is more important than reality to most folks..
9.Relationships are complex. Life is so short. Don’t waste time trying to understand the obvious..
10.Letting it go is important… learning to let go is crucial… you can only carry so much on your life’s journey..
11.I miss her… and I haven’t even met her yet!!!