Fall of Sixteen: Day 67 (Lemonade Remix)

beyonce and my poetry#LemonadeRemix



Fall of Sixteen: Day 68 (No Tears)


I forgive “you“…

Fall of Sixteen: Day 70 (Life)

lies never become fact, in fact
it’s whack to even consider that.
Considering the pilfering of the pilgrims,
desolate cities and impoverished outcomes
how come,
we struggle with young Martin’s and Malcolm’s???
Left to our own devices
while avoiding inner city versions of Isis,
what were left with
is priceless!
I like how Bernie made-off,
with the Francis Scott key..
destroyed people’s lives
and got off Scott free..

11 Observations

11 Observations
For the week of April 18th, 2016

1. Your dreams are somebody’s else nightmare.
2.You only deserve what you earn.
3.Watch out for people who have too many answers…
4.You cannot be afraid of constructive criticism. It’s in the reaction that can either strengthen or weaken someone’s inner resolve.
5.When you finally find her, I hope you know it. I hope you realize what it is you have… even after it’s gone..
6.Love seems to be a timing thing.. a spark, a conversation..
7.Sync into it, no “sink” into it…
8.Sometimes the train goes, and your not on it..
9.You don’t get paid by the hour, you are compensated on the value you bring to the hour.
10.There is so much truth in letting the “obvious” be the teacher.
11. We could learn a lot from ourselves, if we re-read some chapters about ourselves..