11 Observations (6-13-16)

  1. The amount of selfishness in the world can be overwhelming at times.. and it’s even harder to be selfless in this day & age. I have no idea what that even looks like..
  2. One of the best feelings in the world is having friends that push, inspire & motivate you to be better on all levels. As the saying goes, “iron sharpens iron.”
  3. In my journey thus far, I’ve realized people are truly unreliable. You always have to have a plan B! And sometimes C & D.
  4. The Eurythmics said it best “everybody’s looking for something.”
  5. You don’t have to be religious to acknowledge that God moves in mysterious ways.
  6. Compromising your values/principles/morals to please others will only eat away at you.
  7. You have to let people live their lie, their bullshit, or what have you….Leave the preaching to preachers, unless that’s what you want to be.
  8. Patience is probably the hardest virtue to learn.
  9. You have to pay attention to the signs that are letting you know it’s time for a change.
  10. Some people are just plain crazy… there is no wrapping your head around it..
  11. Reciprocation is vital to any friendship! Giving more than is given back will leave one feeling depleted when that energy inst returned.

11 Observations

by Dj Souleye


11 Observations

11 Observations
for the Week of May 9th, 2016

1. If you “open” your eyes, you will see “everything.”
2. Talk to “it”, not about “it!”
3. Communication is a crucial component in any relationship.
4. Understanding is the “truth” you stand under…
5. A Father’s reward comes much later. Good father’s aren’t even recognized until their gone.
6. There was a time that Ten dollars could get you by the week.
7. Don’t be great by yourself, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto…
8. Beginnings don’t like endings
9. Master where you are first!
10. Can you do without no one patting you on the back? Lack of acknowledgement?
11. Pay Attention.

11 Observations

11 observations
for the week of May 2nd, 2016

1. Anger kills it’s landlord.
2. Love is larger than Fear..
3. You can prepare for the best possible outcome, but there are some things you can’t prevent.
4. How bad to do you want it?
5. You gotta understand the difference between someone who talks to you on their free time and someone who frees their time to talk to you..
6. Learn what relationships is.
7. Most single people don’t live, they wait
8. Don’t overlook chemistry
9. Sometimes, you get tired of running..
10. Are you in the cage or are you in the wild?
11. Where are your thoughts taking you?

11 Observations

11 Observations
For the week of April 18th, 2016

1. Your dreams are somebody’s else nightmare.
2.You only deserve what you earn.
3.Watch out for people who have too many answers…
4.You cannot be afraid of constructive criticism. It’s in the reaction that can either strengthen or weaken someone’s inner resolve.
5.When you finally find her, I hope you know it. I hope you realize what it is you have… even after it’s gone..
6.Love seems to be a timing thing.. a spark, a conversation..
7.Sync into it, no “sink” into it…
8.Sometimes the train goes, and your not on it..
9.You don’t get paid by the hour, you are compensated on the value you bring to the hour.
10.There is so much truth in letting the “obvious” be the teacher.
11. We could learn a lot from ourselves, if we re-read some chapters about ourselves..

11 Observations (4-11-16)

11 Observations
from the week of April 11th 2016

1. There is a fine line between faith and works.
2.There are times in life, that the facts are not your friends..
3.When you are limited, it affects your economy. The more you can do, the more earning potential you have. You cannot be caught up in what the other people have or their worth. Only you can determine your value.
4.Miracles are in the atmosphere. Atmosphere is important…
5.My father’s final days are driving me to come to terms with life and my mortality.
1. Did I Love?
2. Did I Live?
3. Did I Matter?
6.You would never know this is a good book by judging by the cover.. (me)
7.Reason #245 why I love art: I love how colors clash, but never argue..
8.Practice being prepared… ..then be patient…
9.If your mom is alive, hug her for people like me, who can only look in the sky and try not to cry because my moms not alive…
10.When you slack off for too long, your self-esteem goes down the drain. It’s hard to get going each day.
11.Putting your relationships first makes sense if your relationships are healthy, supportive, and empowering. It’s foolish to be stubborn and clingy with unhealthy relationships though.

11 Observations (4-4-16)

11 Observations
from the week of April 4th 2016

1. Dreaming is easy, it’s the gathering of the recipe that’s hard.
2. What’s your life’s mission?
3.I’ve never heard my dad say he loved me…
4. After 5 years of “her” in my life, we act like strangers now..
5. Be careful of who you let tell you, “I love you.”
6. It only takes seconds to destroy what a lifetime builds..
7.Don’t overlook the value of closure…
8.The worst thing a pretty girl can say is no. If you like her, go for it…
9. I should take my own advice.
10. Learn to listen well. People tell on themselves. They usually “tell” you what’s gonna happen. It’s your choice to believe them or not..
11.Looks fade fast… it’s truly what’s inside that matters..

11 Observations (3-28-16)

11 observations
from the week of March 28th, 2016

1. Love doesn’t come with insurances. There is no way to tell if what he/she is telling you is true. All you have to go on are their actions, because they do speak louder than words..
2. Don’t be scared.
3. Get to know the word process…
4. When people can walk out of your life… let them go. It just means peoples part of your story is over. You have to know when it’s over…
5. Nothing just happens..
6.My name is pronounced, (boy-muh) the “g” is silent…
7. Some things we just not ready for…
8.Image is more important than reality to most folks..
9.Relationships are complex. Life is so short. Don’t waste time trying to understand the obvious..
10.Letting it go is important… learning to let go is crucial… you can only carry so much on your life’s journey..
11.I miss her… and I haven’t even met her yet!!!