The Fall Of Sixteen: Day Four


All these voices in my head. All these stories wanting to be told, wanting to be heard, wanting, craving, just a chance at a blank state and then kaboom… the result when pen meets mind that gives rise to hand… All i had to do was Activate the Dream.. Good Morning, and remember to kick Monday’s @$$!


Fall of Sixteen: Day 50

The High Called Love

there’s no high to hide behind now,
it’s just you and me motherfucker..
no one’s answering their phones,
and social media aint being social right now..
who you gonna “talk” too now…
whose gonna listen to those
diabetic diatribes??
Ben and Jerry’s and Netflix huh,
do you sit when you pee too??
come the fuck on!! man up please…
don’t quit like this
don’t die like this
don’t let her rational ever become fact,
cuz it’s all bullshit…. look in the mirror…
if you ever wanted to know the truth,
the facts,
whatever answer to a dumbfounded question
filled with reflections of history
of men like you,
opps, boys like you
who succumb to the scent
of barren lust!
No Queen has ever cheated on her King…
let that freedom ring, breathe kid
this isn’t a game, the shot clock’s ticking
focus, and stop lickin
self inflicted wounds
learn from self directed clues
and maybe, just maybe
you can make a decent man of yourself..
there’s no high to hide behind
it’s just you and me motherfucker…